Subscription Box (uncooked bobas included)

$25.00 / month

We are proud to present a monthly subscription box by Leaf&Pearl.  Working with several companies to deliver the best products to your door within the first week of every month at a very reasonable price.  What comes with the subscription box?

  • Be The First To Try New Flavors
  • 6 Random Tea Packages With Corresponding Syrups(3 Flavors).
  • Everything You Need For a Boba Tea: 6 Large 10mm Boba Straws and Enough Uncooked Boba Pearls For 6 Drinks With Cooking Directions.
  • Packaged With Care, Love, Quality and a Dash of Precision


Our goal is for you to receive a delicious boba tea blends as soon as possible! Your first order of Leaf&Pearl is shipped the day after you enroll into a membership except Sundays. You can expect your box to arrive in the next 3 to 5 business days. Going forward, your orders will process automatically one month from the date of your first order and will take 3-5 business days to arrive.

  • Please list any food allergies that you may have.


    (verified owner)

    Leaf&Pearl is hands-down THE best boba tea (bubble tea) that I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. I just recieved my first subscription box, and it was everything I hoped for and then some! Waiting for next months shipment is already going to be torture, so I’m going to order some extra teas to keep the deliciousness coming! I advise that everybody do the same! =^.^=


    I’m going to be honest, if this was a corner shop in NYC, it would blow everywhere else out of the water. The best quality bubble tea I’ve ever had.


    (verified owner)

    Wonderful teas, wonderful business. I get to try new, exotic, fun, and interesting flavor combinations. I honestly thought I wouldn’t like a few of them. The flavor and quality proved me wrong. I was very impressed and satisfied with my service. Lead and Pearl will continue to have my business!

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