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    Note: You can order multiples of the same flavor. See box below.

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Each can make a 16oz drink(recommended)
Enjoy cold or hot

This is personally packaged and prepared for you per order.


Avocado, Coffee Matcha, Coffee Pistachio, Lavender Milk Tea, Lavender Yogurt, Lychee, Mango, Matcha, Papaya, Pistachio, Red Bean, Salted Almond, Salted Avocado, Salted Pistachio, Salted Yogurt, Taro Vanilla, Watermelon


    I purchase the 14 for $45. I absolutely love the milk tea they are very flavorful and easy to mix, they provide you with everything you need. I find it easier to mix it in one of the mixing cups ( you know the one with the ball in it). The first time I tried it was from a friend and I was hooked. I’m thinking abut signing up for the monthly package so I can try the milk tea with the bobas!

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