Welcome to Leaf&Pearl, a humble start to a rich experience.

We set out to bring fresh twists and convenience to the tradition of brewing milk tea through a variety of mixtures and blends.
Piping hot or chilled over ice, every order comes with the necessary ingredients and instructions for you to make it your way.
Whether you’re on the run, clearing new levels in that tough game, or relaxing after a long day, our teas can be enjoyed in any and every situation.
Every blend sold brings us one step closer to our very own storefront, where we can bring an even richer experience to the community. Feel free to contact us at info@leafandpearl.com if you have any question about our teas or your order.

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Steps For The Perfect Tea Experience

Step 1

Pour 1 Leaf & Pearl milk tea mix into a large glass, 20 oz capacity *we didn’t skimp out on product*

Step 2

Pour approximately 4oz of hot water into the glass with Leaf & Pearl milk tea mix

Step 3

Stir mixture approximately 10 seconds with a spoon until it’s fully dissolved

Step 4

Pour 1 Leaf & Pearl homemade syrup package and quickly stir the new mixture for approximately 5 seconds.


Add approximately 10-12oz of water/milk with ice, stir and enjoy. To enjoy it hot, add approximately 8-10oz of hot water.


Due to packaging, Boba are only included in the subscription box. They are shipped uncooked, but instructions on how to prepare them are provided.

No, Jellies have the same characteristics as boba.

All purchases are non-refundable, but they’re all delicious, so that shouldn’t be a problem!

Average time is about 5-7 business days, possibly faster if you live in the Georgia area.

Shipping will be done with USPS Priority; it takes 2-3 business days, possibly faster if you live in the Georgia area. Tracking number will be provided upon payment via email.

Yes, just contact us after your purchase and we will accommodate your request.

No, we do not sell outside of United States, only domestic at this time.

Select the Qty that you would like and select the amount of each flavor you would like according to the order Qty; i.e: if you select the $20 – 6 pack, you may select up to 6 different or same flavors of your choice by typing in the provided box. If you select the $30 – 10 pack, you may select up to 10 different or same flavors of your choice by typing in the provided box.

Yes, we made a sample option, $10 for 3 packages.

Each package will yield approximately 18oz with ice and 14oz if you would like to enjoy it hot.

Yes, we encourage you to fine tune your drink to your liking. If you choose to add extra sugar, it is recommended you do so while mixing the powder into hot water, before adding the syrup packet to ensure optimal blending.

Yes, the only flavors you CANNOT consume are pistachio flavors. Highly sensitive individuals should use caution as the drinks contain sodium caseinate, a “milk derivative” that may contain low levels of lactose.

Pistachio, Peanut Butter, and Almond are the only flavors those with nut allergies should avoid consuming.

If you clumps appear in your drink that means that the mixing process was not done correctly. Please be sure to read each step before mixing, they are listed on the main page of the website as well as below.

Mix the prepared powder with hot water, after mixing add the syrup and ice once the powder has completely dissolved. DO NOT combine the syrup with the powder then add hot water.

You may attempt to fix this by continuing to stir the drink until the clumps have dissolved or by placing the drink in an enclosed container and shaking until the clumps have dissolved.

Relatively hot but not boiling, just hot enough to dissolve the mixture (165°F.)

No, hot water is required to dissolve the mixture and avoid clumps.

We recommend keeping the syrups refrigerated but not frozen and powders in dry cool location.